12 Oct 2009

Bus shelter at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over three years of letters, emails, phone calls, meetings, petition and even a demonstration to get this shelter at Stratford Road outside Tesco - I cannot believe it has taken this long - Tesco had promised to build it last year but let us down repeatedly so in the end the County have stepped in to ensure we don't have another winter without a shelter.

Photos: new shelter - then three bits from newspapers previously (noty sure why one is on it's side?) and the petition residents signed to get the shelter

It all began over three years ago when Hilda Welsh contacted me about the lack of a shelter - see here - in my naivety I thought this would be an easy task - it has taught me lots about the workings of Councils and indeed more about the disregard for local population by Tesco.

I mean how can they promise to us to install a shelter then not deliver? Yes it was going to be a goodwill gesture but it was nevertheless a promise.

You can see the background re all of this bus shelter here and more about our recent protest outside Tescos here. Lastly see here for photos of folk waiting in the rain for a bus with no shelter.

But what now of Tesco promise? I have contacted the County to see if they are pursuing this? Could Tesco at this late date still redeem themselves? Or perhaps some other good will gesture?

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