11 Oct 2009

Berkeley Vale wind mast goes to planning

Development Control Committee on Tuesday will consider the mast at Stinchcombe - you can see here an excellent letter that was in the local press this week from a Green party member. You can also see Q and As on the turbines here and more here plus link to recent Green party news release.

Photos: A response from Russ to the photo on the anti-wind group website below

Ecotricity have their 50:50 campaign and their website has a blog that is interesting as it responds to all the questions that folk are asking - see it at: http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/wind-parks/

I do find it extraordinary the lack of urgency around energy security and climate change. The Gloucestershire renewable energy strategy 2005 supported by Stroud District Council in December 2005 set a target get of 45MW of renewables installed in Gloucestershire by 2010 ....... to date only 10.25 MW is installed and 8.25MW of this is from previously installed landfill gas which will decline in the future......

The agreed target for onshore wind is 35MW by 2010 the total installed in Gloucestershire is only 0.52 MW! We are so far behind here - see lots of details by how much here. Of course there is also a serious need for energy saving on top on new renewable generation: 34% by 2020 - again we need to do much more.

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