3 Oct 2009

We've got 10:10 now we have 50:50

OK so we've got 10:10 in Stroud - one of the first ten Councils to sign up - and Green councillors are also all signed up to make efforts to reduce their carbon footprints by 10% during the year 2010. Now we have a 50:50 campaign from Ecotricity.

Ecotricity say they are kicking off the energy debate in the Stroud District by pushing for 50% of our energy needs to come from clean, green energy from wind turbines right here in Stroud. They are seeking our help to see more turbines locally.

Of course to some extent this is a marketing gimmick as we all know Ecotricity have plans for 8 turbines near Stincombe - see questions and answers and links to Green comment on that here. But the reality is we must start developing renewables - not the nonsense of biofuels that I covered on Wednesdays blog, but a serious approach to meeting our energy needs. Amazingly the 8 turbines proposed would meet 25% of domestic needs in the whole of the Stroud District.

I've voted yes and would urge others to support this move - good on this local company for trying a different approach to get this issue more coverage. Talking to them it is good to hear they are so passionate about tackling climate change and meeting our energy needs of the future. You can vote and find out more at: http://www.stroud5050.org

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