24 Apr 2015

Hustings in Cirencester 23rd April

The Sundial Theatre in Cirencester College was full to capacity.

The debate was like the TV debate, but much more civilised, with no candidate talking over another. The chair from Churches Together Around Cirencester was very professional and his aide proficient with a horn should a candidate speak longer than the alloted time.

The event was co-sponsored by the Wilts and Glos Standard and a blow by blow account can be found here.

Penny Burgess put the Green Party's viewpoint. The following are some of her replies to the questions as reported by the Standard:

UKIP Chris Harlow and Green Penny Burgess debating about getting a trident. Penny says there are better things to spend £100billion on.

Burgess says we need more regulations on the sale of arms - crowd seems to agree. #CotswoldHustings
Penny Burgess says we need to promote defensive defence. Which means we won't attack anyone but if anyone attacks us then we will resist them. "The world has changed completely"

On the 'Scottish Woman' Penny Burgess says Nicola Sturgeon has every right to have her say - that's democracy.

Penny Burgess, in Green, says it's important everyone has a say over whether we stay in or out of EU. Personally she wants us to stay in but thinks lots needs to be done. So much needs changing.

Penny Burgess, of Green, said actually debt isn't as bad as it has been in the past. It is something we can address, by getting people in good jobs and making sure companies pay their fair share of tax. A mixed reaction from crowd.

On the local NHS - The minor injuries unit here is excellent. But there is an issue, there isn't anywhere for people to go out of hours. We need this - says Green's Penny Burgess

Penny Burgess says Green want to invest £1billion a year to invest in heatwave defences, flood defences. Wants to ban all fracking operations too. "It's just wrong."

21 Apr 2015

Even more members!

On Friday 17th April there was a party to celebrate the 500th member of the Stroud District Green Party which covers the Stroud and Cotswold Parliamentary wards.The Star Anise cafe was hired for the event - purveyor of wonderful vegetarian organic drinks and food. 

The 500th member was there, but in the few short weeks since he had joined, so had another 151, bringing the total to 651. In fact there are now over 60,000 Green party members in England and Wales with almost 9,000 more in Scotland.  All these people have signed up for a party offering HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, not scaremongering like the other parties - 'if you vote for soandso, then someone dreadful will get in'.

As part of the Green Surge I went along to the usual warm welcome from Green Party members, new and old. There were a few brief speeches and then a quiz. Old and new members teamed up to answer questions on local Green Party candidates, green policies and sustainability issues. Party horns had been provided; to be blown if anyone mentioned 'UKIP' 'hard working people' or '70/70th' (it was the Election Manager's 70th Birthday!) The winning team got organic chocolate bars!

17 Apr 2015

The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

At present, the UK is the leading country with 55.9% of all installed offshore wind capacity in Europe. The UK is exploiting its excellent wind resources to keep the right track in securing 15% of its total energy comes from renewable sources by 2020. Moreover, the UK reached its new monthly record, with 14% of all UK electricity generated by wind power, beating the previous record of 13% set in 2013.

Renewable energy is our future and is also a way to secure UK energy independence and cost stability, The Green Party believes in developing local community power generation and creating more local jobs.

The Green Party has a full commitment to all forms of renewable energy and is the only party to seriously take on the huge threat of climate change.

See a Green Match article for more information.

A Party Growing Stronger

15 Apr 2015

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP)

In the 13th March post Molly Scott Cato talks about why the Green Party opposes TTIP.

As an example of things to come if the agreement goes ahead, the tobacco giant Philip Morris is currently suing Uruguay for having some of the best anti-smoking laws in the world.

The same thing could happen in the UK if the TTIP is signed and health regulations or any law designed to improve people's lives affect company profits.

Natalie Bennett introduces the 2015 Green Party Manifesto

Natalie Bennett delivers our vision for a Britain free from poverty. Our manifesto is shaped by our vision of a future Britain, and our principles and values which say that no one in this, the world’s sixth richest economy, should fear not being about to put food on table, or not being able to keep a roof over head. But we understand too that we must collectively live within the limits of our one, damaged, planet.

This is a politics founded in humanity in a caring Britain, but also a politics that doesn’t deny – as the other parties continue to do – the physical limits of our natural world.

Find out more at: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/manifesto

14 Apr 2015

See Sarah!

Stroud hustings; here's a reminder that Cllr Sarah Lunnon (sarah.lunnon(at)stroud.greenparty.org.uk) will be at the following hustings in the next few days:

Today 7.00pm - BBC Gloucestershire Hustings, Stroud High School
15th April 7.00pm - Sarah Lunnon & David Drew Talking Politics, Prince Albert, Rodborough
16th April 6.00pm - Federation of Small Businesses Hustings, Sub Rooms, Stroud
17th April 7.00pm - Chalford Hustings, Chalford Baptist Church

Change The Tune - Green Party 2015 Election Broadcast

Here's the 'boyband' that has gone viral...

When every other party - Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP - seems so similar it’s like they’re in a boyband, it’s time to stand for what you believe in, and vote Green. Get involved at http://action.greenparty.org.uk

Download Party Political Harmony: https://greenparty.bandcamp.com/

#ChangeTheTune #VoteGreen2015 #GE2015

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13 Apr 2015

Green Party Manifesto for Stroud District Council 2015

Papercut by local artist James Milroy
Greens are different. We believe in equality, living in balance with nature and a better future based on the quality of community, friends and family rather than the quantity of stuff we buy and throw away. To achieve this, Greens are active at international, national and local levels. These elections give you a chance to strengthen Green change in Stroud District.

Green Councillors already have a proven track record as part of Stroud's ruling administration. In particular, we have worked to ensure green spaces are protected, and investment made to create and safeguard jobs in sustainable businesses. We’ve actively supported the building of energy-efficient council homes and increased recycling throughout the District.

In 2015, Greens pledge to work with others to:

1.     Make housing better and more affordable – we will build more high-quality energy-efficient council homes, cutting carbon emission and costs for tenants. We will support tenants unfairly penalised by the Bedroom Tax and other austerity measures. We will prioritise building affordable homes on brownfield sites, close to schools and shops.

2.      Protect our countryside – We will ensure our Local Plan contains strong clear policies to protect green spaces and wildlife around our homes, giving children and adults access to more open countryside. We know that a connection with green spaces improves physical and mental health and well-being – and saves taxpayers' money.

3.     Improve waste collection and recycling – developing a Council-owned company paying the living wage, we will collect and use food waste to generate renewable energy whilst increasing recycling. This will save money and reduce damage to the environment. We will continue to oppose the hugely expensive and grossly inefficient incinerator proposed by Gloucestershire County Council.

4.     Create a Carbon Neutral Council – Greens have established a commitment to make the Council carbon neutral by 2030.  We aim to meet this target by 2020. The next step is to install new energy-saving, energy-generating and money-saving schemes.

5.     Reduce flooding – Greens actively support innovative and cost-saving natural approaches to limit run-off and flood peaks in the upper Frome catchments, reducing downstream flooding of people’s homes. This is good science and good economics.

6.     Support our local economy and town centres – we will continue to support our local businesses and farmers' markets and oppose out-of-town supermarkets that suck the life out of our towns.

7.     Support Jobs and training – we will encourage jobs and businesses in renewable energy engineering, local food production and creative industries; making land available for small business growth through the planning system.

For more information about your local Green Party and our policies, visit www.stroud.greenparty.org.uk

12 Apr 2015

Penny Burgess In Wotton-Under-Edge

Penny Burgess, the Green candidate for the Cotswold Constituency, was out and about in Wotton on Saturday.

She will also be at Wotton hustings Monday 13th April. See the post from 30th March.

Other dates where Penny will be at Green Party stalls are:
18th April : Northleach
25th April : Cirencester
2nd May : Tetbury
She is also taking part in Hustings in Cirencester's Sundial Theatre at 6.30 on 23rd April. Free tickets are available from the Wilts and Glos Standard office.  The newspaper is expecting a 'fierce political debate'.

The World Water Council

How do you keep track of all the organisations that have an impact on our environment?
I have just discovered the World Water Council who are holding their 7th Forum this week - 12th to 17th April.  Their mission is:
"to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, to facilitate the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis for the benefit of all life on earth."
Unfortunately all too often big business has the biggest say in water matters. On 25th March however, a court in Jakarta  canceled the world’s largest water privatization scheme because the corporations were violating the basic human right to water.

According to SumOfUs 'Corporate water profiteers like Nestle have been shamelessly working to bottle and sell the world’s water supply -- sucking up precious groundwater even in drought-stricken parts of India, Australia, California, and Canada.'

The Green Party's International Policy NR431 ii) aims to return control over resource extraction from trans-national companies to local indigenous populations.

World Water Day is on 22nd March every year.

10 Apr 2015

Stroud Hustings: What will you do about Climate Change?

Here's all the declared candidates or their representatives talking about Climate Change at the Stroud Against the Cuts hustings on 23rd Match. Congrats to Sarah Lunnon! See: http://stroudcommunity.tv/stroud-hustings-climate-change/

See also these candidates talking about Austerity: http://stroudcommunity.tv/stroud-hustings-austerity/
And how they will oppose it (or not): http://stroudcommunity.tv/hustings-how-oppose-austerity/

9 Apr 2015

Soil, Allotments and Penny Burgess

Penny Burgess is right to support The Coombe Allotments. See the Article in the Gazette.

In an article published on 25th March in The Guardian, George Monbiot says:
"A paper, by researchers in the UK, shows that soil in allotments – the small patches in towns and cities that people cultivate by hand – contains a third more organic carbon than agricultural soil and 25% more nitrogen. This is one of the reasons why allotment holders produce between four and 11 times more food per hectare than do farmers."
So less air miles and more food. This ties in nicely with the International year of the Soil Post on 19th March.

7 Apr 2015

Penny Burgess at the Coombe Allotments

Today, 3rd April, I visited Coombe Allotments, a half acre of productivity and social cohesion in the middle of a small Cotswold village near Wotton Under Edge. These allotments are the oldest in Gloucestershire and are one of the oldest in the country, nestled amongst hills where there are cottages listed in The Doomsday Book.

Just over two weeks ago the allotment holders were served notice of eviction because apparently the owner wants this small piece of land to keep her horses on.

Whilst the owner has a legal right to do what she wants with her land, does she have a moral or ethical right to do so? In the 19th Century when the Coombe allotments were first started, the landowners in Scotland were still completing the land clearances which saw the permanent devastation of the cultural landscape of the Highlands.

With so many of our beautiful villages across The Cotswolds becoming dormitories for commuters, or the preserve of second home owners, the protection of assets that enhance community cohesion are vital. On my visit I met many of the allotment holders - some had been there over 40 years and I enjoyed sharing their memories. Some were more recent occupiers, a young couple who had only been in the village for a year or so, but had spent the past year preparing their plot for the coming season, and who were hoping to make use of the chicken pens on site to supply eggs for the village.

This world we live in is going the wrong way, and this is a horrible example. We should be protecting and promoting these wonderful assets. We should be creating more so that anyone who wants one can have one. I'll be helping the @FightForCoombe campaign by every means I can. If I'm elected as MP for The Cotswolds, I will fight everyday to keep these community assets for all my constituents.


3 Apr 2015

Penny Burgess, Green Candidate for the Cotswold Constituency

 As the Election Campaign hots up you may wish to contact Penny.

Her email address is penny.burgess@greenparty.org.uk

You can follow her on Twitter 

Penny will be roving the constituency so keep a look out for her. 
On 28th March she was in Cirencester. Penny tweeted:
Very wet, but encouraging canvassing in Cirencester today. People really do want change, and know we can help deliver it #VoteGreen2015