18 Jul 2016

Where is the Outcry from Brexiters?

'Take back Control' and 'We want our sovereignity' were rallying cries from those supporting exit from the EU.  

Why are they not protecting Brtitish interests from those foreigners who are gobbling up all our industry, infrastructure and housing?

Today's news is that one of our largest technology businesses is being taken over by the Japanese. Japan's Softbank is to buy ARM Holdings, one of the UK's biggest technology companies, for £24bn ($32bn). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36822806

The Government wants the French and Chinese to invest in our nuclear power industry.  The French already have a considerable stake in our electricity supply.  Thames Water is owned by an Australian company.  The Railways have many foreign owners. Well know British brands like Cadburys are no longer British owned. Houses, especially in London, are snapped up by foreigners as investment opportunities, forcing up house prices for the local population.

British loss of ownership of our industry, infrastructure and housing is the real threat to control of our nation, not the EU. 

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