12 Jul 2016

Help make 'Sharkwater: Extinction'

Just over a year ago I wrote a blog about the documentary film 'Revolution' (see here) - it is a film about our ecosystem and our future - and full of hope. Well the activist and biologist Rob Stewart, who made the films is now making another film - and he needs help. It is a follow up to his first critically acclaimed film, Sharkwater. 

The Sharkwater team write: When Sharkwater was released in 2007, it brought the plight of sharks to more than 124 million people, spawning conservation groups, changing government policy and seeding a movement that today has banned shark finning throughout most of the world.   

It was a great conservation success story but sadly, today sharks are being slaughtered for more than their fins.  They’re being killed for use in cosmetics, pet food and livestock feed, and they’re being renamed and fed to us so we don’t know we’re eating an endangered superpredator.  The seafood industry has gone so far as to rename shark “rock salmon”, “flake” and “ocean whitefish” so you don’t know what you’re actually eating.   
An estimated 150 million sharks are killed every year and only 70 million of those sharks are accounted for. The 80 million missing sharks? They’re in your makeup, your fast food sandwich and your pet food. Without knowing it, we’re all part of the greatest wildlife massacre ever known, decimating shark populations by 90%.

The world needs to know what’s happening and who’s responsible - so Rob is making another movie – a sequel to Sharkwater called Sharkwater: Extinction – that will expose the corporate complicity and multibillion-dollar scandal that’s destroying the world we depend on for survival. The first Sharkwater movie took four years to make, but if we wait that long, 600 million sharks will have been killed. So, in an effort to make a difference now, Rob launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the film and we are over 70% funded with just 10 days to go!  Our campaign closes on July 21. 

Go now to: http://bit.ly/SharkwaterExtinction

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