4 Jul 2016

Minister for Happiness welcomed!

Earlier this year the United Arab Emirates announced that it would be creating a "minister of state for happiness". Strangely as a former Green District councillor I got asked to comment....well how could I do anything other than welcome such news....

"I give a huge welcome to the appointment of a Happiness Minister. We have for too long let the pursuit of Gross Domestic Product rule policy, when happiness would be a far better measure of progress. From a Green perspective, society could aim to decrease the amount of paid work people do (i.e. lower GDP) whilst increasing wealth, health and happiness. This will involve building things to last, increasing energy efficiency and building strong resilient communities. By creating a voice that intentionally looks at social good and happiness there is a chance to create positive change".

My comments got picked up in a couple of places like the article in the photo above! But I revisit now as our politics are in urgent need of a new direction......not suggesting this is a priority (for priorities see 6 point plan re how we can best protect our country against the potential damage caused by Brexit). Greens will also be campaigning hard for democratic reform in the UK and for changing our outmoded electoral system to one that is truly representative. And of course we've also already repeated the calls for a progressive electoral alliance...well the good news is that Friday evening in the Sub Rooms there are further discussions.

It's an opportunity, as George Monbiot put it, "to reject, connect and erect, to build from these ruins a system that works for the people of this country rather than for an offshore elite that preys on insecurity".

See Washington Post announcing news here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/02/10/the-uae-created-a-minister-of-happiness-but-what-does-that-even-mean/

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