13 Sep 2009

Berkeley Vale Wind Farm: a great opportunity

Yes I know I still haven't added Open Homes stuff - a huge success - nor written up the Stroud Pound launch but will do - just wanted to note Green party press release today re news that there is an action group now against the turbines being proposed for Stinchcombe - see our Green party news release here.

I've seen the site and it is a pretty nice area but next to the motorway - it isn't AONB although I personally think we need to consider AONB sites as well - this will be a serious test of Stroud's green credentials - it is a wonderful opportunity for the District to get serious about renewables - there are surprisingly few sites in windy Glos that fit with many people's objections about AONB and other constraints like radar and mobile phones....

The campaign against the turbines already have a website - see here - I think there mock-up photo looks great and will hopefully encourage people to support rather than object! Their website also shows how you can make comments re the applications - so some might consider supporting? Indeed what about a 'Save the Vale from Climate Change' group? The latest poll by the Guardian/ICM shows a clear majority of 4 out of 5 folk happy to have turbines in their area and 67% saying they would be happy to look out on one from their house.

Having said that the objections need to be taken seriously - this requires a thorough and fair investigation - these are big turbines - which is what makes them efficient and much needed - but how many homes will be effected by noise and to what degree? Are there other problems? Even the RSPB has come out in favour of properly sited wind farms - see here.

I've not seen the Environmental Impact Assessment - indeed I don't think it is completed yet - but that will certainly give more info about this site and it's possibilities. Ecotricity also do a mock up photo - see here and click on the appropriate turbine - the same link also has it's good neighbour policy which is perhaps a little brief but does mention their 'silent' technology - certainly the ones I've heard are quieter than many - turbines do vary! Anyhow time for me to stop this - no doubt will return again sometime soon to this topic....

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