30 Mar 2009

Surprise!!! No news re Stratford Road bus shelter

The Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish news will be out soon and I was asked for an update re the bus shelter outside Tesco in Stratford Road - I can't believe it is still going on. I had hoped to be able to report progress but no news despite more emails - below is what I sent to the WaRbler along with this great cartoon from Russ.

Will there ever be a bus shelter in Stratford Road?

with thanks to Judith Newman, our Village Agent for additional information

In Summer 2006 a comment was left on my 'Ruscombe Green' blog/website about the lack of a bus shelter at the big Tesco in Stratford Road. A number of villagers from the area all use buses to get to and from Tesco in Stratford Road and on many occasions they have a wait in the rain.

I wrote several letters to Tesco and to Stroud Town Council who have also sought a shelter in the past. The store manager was supportive of the idea. However Tesco refurbishment plans meant we had to wait until December 2007 to hear that they had approved a shelter. Since then I must have written well over 50 emails and made many phone calls including many to the contractor employed by Tesco, the County Council and others. We negotiated the design and location but there were repeated delays. In the Autumn we heard that building was likely to start on the shelter imminently.

Then all went quiet. Just before Christmas we heard that Tesco 'intend to have the funding available for the bus shelter in March 2009'. However so far we have not had a response to our latest enquiry about when the shelter might be built.

Let us hope that Tesco will give the go-ahead soon for this 'goodwill gesture' of a shelter to improve conditions for their customers using public transport and indeed their own buses. Do please contact me if you have an queries or thoughts about this.

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