12 Aug 2009

Protest at Tesco breaking promise on bus shelter

Some blog readers will be familiar with the long running story of the Tesco bus stop - see background by clicking here. Below is the latest news release following our demo today outside Tesco - this was all because Hilda contacted me back in 2006....hopefully more news soon re a shelter?????


Petition has nearly 150 signatures to encourage action by Tesco - but now GCC look set to step in to help

Over 15 residents mainly from Randwick and Whiteshill, protested outside the Tesco store in Stroud at their frustration that there was still no bus shelter despite promises by Tesco. Local District councillor Philip Booth then went into the store with some of the residents to meet the Deputy Manager and show him the 150 signatures collected so far on a petition and express their deep disappointment.

Cllr Philip Booth, who has been helping to seek a bus shelter outside the Tesco store in Stratford Road and helped with the petition, said: "Following two years of many letters, emails and phone calls Tesco agent confirmed to me that they would be putting a bus shelter on the site outside their store last Autumn. There were meetings about the site and design of the shelter then we heard nothing. Eventually they said they would look at it in March 2009 and we have only just heard last month, following repeated requests, that it will now not be considered until February 2010 at the earliest."

Philip Booth added: "I wholly recognise this was to be a goodwill gesture by Tesco to help their customers who use public transport and I know the new manager there is also supportive of a shelter, however I am very, very disappointed that they should have failed to honour their promise last Autumn and even now can't confirm a shelter will be built. Indeed you would imagine that Tesco would be keen to encourage and support public transport users to their store, but they seem happy to ignore the years of requests by residents. This is surely a huge PR blunder by Tesco who having gained goodwill by promising a shelter then go back on their word? It isn't just the fact of going back on their promise but also how they virtually ignored all requests for information about their plans and only after many many emails and calls do we learn they are not looking at it again until Feb 2010."

Philip Booth added: "We now hear as part of the works outside the store the County Council are hoping to step in to build a shelter in about two months time. I am sure bus users will be delighted by this news as I don't think any of us are confident that Tesco will come through to build a shelter. At least there is now hope again that before this winter their might be a shelter in place!"

Mrs Hilda Welsh, 85, of Victory Road, Whiteshill (pictured in blue at todays in first pic), who regularly uses the bus to visit the store, contacted Philip Booth after he was elected in 2006 to see if a shelter could be built, said before the latest news re the County: "If Tesco don't get a move on I'll not be around to use the shelter!"

Pam Thorne, who lives in Randwick and helped organise the petition said: "Villagers from this area use buses to get to and from Tesco in Stratford Road and on many occasions they have a wait in the wind and rain. I have sometimes seen more than ten people at one time waiting in the rain there. This shelter would have been a tiny expense compared to Tesco profits - and by their repeated delays they almost seem to be seeking adverse publicity rather than celebrating the goodwill they could have gained from installing the shelter they promised."


Anonymous said...

Hi Philip. This was also on the agenda for Stroud Town Council. What are they doing about this. his lack of action also reflects badly on them. No shelter here actually has a worsening effect on trade for the town. Many senior C's come into town and use Tesco's a lack of a shelter puts them off. A reduction of the 37 bus route from 15 to 20 mins also means the bus can be crowded with people needing to stand aspecially before the paganhill stop. I thought the initial reduction in this service was a protest by stagecoach in the non payment of fees. I thought that had now been sorted?

Anonymous said...

see blog Tuesday, Sept 19 '06

Philip Booth said...

Yes Town Council has been wonderfully supportive - negotiations still going on - can update more if you call me on 755451 - but basically it looks like County will put shelter in and we are hoping Tesco will also play a role....I have to note again my dismay and disappointment with the way Tesco has treated the community in this respect - and from gaining many brownie points by promising a shelter they have lost them all and more by letting us down - worse still ignoring requests by the community for an update - sadly it has taken the petition and press to make them wake up.....we'll see whether they can redeem themselves a little!!