25 Jan 2012

Wonderful bread....

A while back I mentioned the bread at the Lavender Bakehouse - well Sally is continuing to make some very wonderful loves - also sold through the Food Emporium in Stroud....as she says in an email: "We make an exciting range of tasty breads the old fashioned way using long fermented yeasted doughs, and a variety of sourdoughs. Our delicious handmade breads are a result of using the best ingredients, a little sea salt, water, experience and a lot of time. We use Stoates organic flours in the bakery. The flour is stone ground at Cann Mills in Dorset, our nearest working watermill. We are interested in working with UK-grown grain where possible, subject to availability – the wheat and rye is grown very locally to the mill this year. Other ingredients are either supplied by local producers or bought through Essential Trading, a workers co-op in Bristol specialising in organic, non-gm and fair-trade goods."

I have to say I love the bread - click on read more to see what is possible - then email Stroud Bakery Breads to make an order - well to be honest I am not sure she wants more work but you can try by contacting her at: sally(at)stroudbakery.co.uk  or phone 07724 451 257. Meanwhile I am looking forward to Claire doing something similar even more locally - she is still after info from people who might want a loaf locally - see more here.


Heavenly White £2.65 800g
Our ever-popular tinned white loaf made over night using long fermented yeasted batter, time and natural leavens to maximise flavour- Ideal for sandwiches and traditional British toast with lashings of butter.

Heavenly Wholemeal £2.65 800g
Another overnight loaf made the same way as the heavenly white, again baked in a tin, this time wholemeal.  It has a very satisfying texture thanks to the stone-ground flour.

Plain Rye Sourdough £2.75 800g
The classic 100% wholemeal rye sourdough loaf made using rye flour, water and a little salt, and our natural rye leaven – simple and delicious.

Caraway Rye Sourdough £2.75 800g
A classic combination of wholemeal rye sourdough and ground caraway. I like this loaf and I am not a caraway fan!

Rustic White Sourdough £3.20 1kg
Delicious, round, basket fermented sourdough loaf made using our rye mother and stone-ground English organic white flour. Sourdoughs keep well due to the acidity of the leaven. Good toasted.

Keepers’ Whole-wheat £3.20 1kg
Another sourdough that we could eat every day!  Slightly sharper taste than the rustic- makes excellent toast even when it’s a week old.


Seedy Spelt Soda Bread £3.50 800g
Packed with seeds, this soda loaf is made with our own yoghurt. Beautifully cakey when fresh and great toasted - the seeds get a second lease of life.

Borodinsky £3 800g
Another 100% rye sourdough, this time with crushed coriander seeds, malt and molasses making it rich and fragrant- good with sweet or savoury toppings.

Fruited rye loaf £3.50 800g
Our take on a tea bread, made using 100% light rye flour, so this treat is fine for people avoiding wheat, laced with generous quantities of organic apricots and plump sultanas.

The Italian £3.50 800g
Our rustic white loaf packed with plump sundried tomatoes and a good helping of fennel seed – a great combination, turns a bacon sandwich into a gourmet experience!

Olive lemon rustic loaf         £3.50 800g
Our ever popular rustic dough streaked full of large juicy green olives, zesty lemon and Proven├žal herbs.

Walnut loaf          £3.50 800g
Our whole-wheat keepers sourdough loaf studded with walnuts, olive oil and sultanas.

Prune and aniseed     £3.50 800g tinned loaf
Our white rye sourdough  - lighter texture than the wholemeal - packed with plump prunes, orange and warming aniseed

Cinnamon buns   £5 tin of 5 buns
Sticky sweet cinnamon swirly buns bursting out of tin – rip and share - delicious served warm with coffee.

Biscuits and crackers

Oatcakes £3 two dozen
Medium ground oatmeal, organic butter, very simple and delicious.

Shortbread rounds £2 per dozen
Buttery light sweet salty and golden. These are good biscuits.

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Tim said...

The coffee and cakes are to be recomended,just right for starting or ending a canal walk to the Daneway