26 Jan 2012

Stop supermarket bullying

Sun across Whiteshill
It's four years since the Competition Commission said the UK needed a supermarket watchdog. This blog has covered this issue and the campaign over those years - well we are getting closer to some success....at the moment supermarkets are currently still able to:
  • Transfer ‘excessive risks and unexpected costs’ to UK and overseas farmers and suppliers
  • Contribute to farm employees working long hours for poverty wages in unsafe conditions
  • Undermine farmers’ ability to invest in sustainable farming practices.
  • It's time for the Government to stop supermarket bullying.
We can change that. Please go here to support War on Want's campaign which involves asking your MP to write to the Minister responsible, the Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, calling for a Bill introducing a supermarket watchdog to be included in the next Queen’s Speech, or parliamentary time found for it before then - plus powers for the watchdog to fine supermarkets and launch investigations based on credible information from third parties (e.g. trade associations, unions and charities).

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