18 Nov 2011

Parish updates

View from Randwick
I've not been great updating some of the other meetings I've been too - last week got to the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish and last night to Randwick Parish.

Some of the issues I covered in my District councillors spot included:

Well the big one is the Core Strategy - see my blog discussion here - I sought support for rejection of some of the local sites identified from housing.

Incinerator - noted the Green/Lib Dem motion to Full Council next Thursday - more on that soon.

Libraries update - see here.

Dog poo consultation - see here.

20mph working party to be set up - see blog I'll post on Sunday.

Randwick Woodfuel project - see here.

Apple juicing in Randwick - see here.

Other issues that got discussed:

Randwick Allotments - great disappointment - the Parish ruled out the playing fields due to objections and has not had any joy with asking local landowners.

Parish Councillors: Malcolm Elliot and Jane Godsell have both stood down from Randwick and Greg Dance from Whiteshill and Ruscombe. Chris Gardner was elected to Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish last week - great to have him on the team.

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Playing Field - this caused fireworks amongst Parish councillors - partly in my view it was a misunderstanding between some councillors - basically there is a consultation out regarding the playing field - I have already made a submission. The controversy is over the fence that was removed from the playground area - it was removed for safety reasons - should it go back? There is a loud and vocal group that think yes to protect children and keep dogs out. Others who think that it should go back but not be straight - this is after all a once in many years chance to make it look nicer....and there are even folk who don't want the fence back.

Grants to local groups were issues - sadly the CAB did not get recognised in the way I think it should but other local group sdid get funds.

Precept - a poss 17% rise in Whiteshill and Ruscombe and 5% in Randwick - no decisions so much could change at their December meetings - I've said before I think the precept must rise as more responsibilities are falling on Parish Councils as other Councils shrink - the amount is only several pounds a year and while times are hard and getting harder it is vital we still build our communities for all - indeed it is our communities that become all the more important in difficult times.

Lots more I can write but run out of steam for now - you can of course go the Parish websites and see their minutes - they also have details of their meetings and both offer the public a session at the beginning of the meeting to talk.

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