17 Nov 2011

Glos County Leader contradicts judge

The Guardian as it really puts into context the significance of what we have achieved with the library campaign - see my blog here - they also don't understand Council Leader Mark Hawthorne's remarks. See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2011/nov/17/library-closures-victory

"The councils had claimed "hyperbole, exaggeration and hysteria" on the part of the campaigners. But Judge McKenna, reflecting on how the case had been conducted, described the campaigners' approach as "perfectly reasonable" and "proportionate" even in the areas where their legal claim had not been successful.....Meanwhile, rather puzzlingly, leader of Gloucestershire council Mark Hawthorne told Channel 4 News that the case had been lost on "a very small technical point" – a direct contradiction of the judge's own remarks just beforehand, in which he called the breach of equality duties involved "substantive, not merely a technical or procedural defect"."

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