7 Nov 2011

Randwick Woodfuel project celebrates

Last weekend we had the great apple picking in Humphreys End Orchard and pumpkin trail in Whiteshill and Ruscombe - this weekend it was time for the woodfuel project to celebrate this years progress at restoring a pasture. We did so with baked potatoes, sausages and more on the fire - very welcomed after the work burning brash.

See YouTube of the project earlier this year here (over 190 views) and background to discussions about setting up project here.

Since I set up the project the number of people on the list has grown to around 30 - basically in return for 4 hours of conservation work we get a boot load of wood. It has been a great way to learn about our local woods and already in the area we have restored there is a return of orchids and sitings of more butterflies like those little blue ones. It is a really fun group but we need to think about how to progress as there are too many of us! Maybe two groups - anyway we may get one more session in before Christmas otherwise we've got a couple planned for restarting in Feb.

Thanks especially to Tim Jenkins, the National Trust Ranger for making it possible.

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