28 Mar 2011

12 go into the Woods with Loppers!

I have been trying to set up this Randwick Woodfuel project for over a year - see here Feb meeting last year with details of other project proposals! Our first project this year has been to assist in restoring a limestone grassland where some trees have been impacting on the rich and unique biodiversity there. Participants in the project, in return for some 4 hours plus of work, have gone home with a boot full of wood which they can then chop up at home.

As the video shows there are many benefits from the project including improving the biodiversity, learning new skills, helping the National Trust to manage their estate, health benefits from all the chopping and cutting, low cost fuel, reduced fuel miles and a local sustainable energy supply plus helping people connect more with their local community and woods. One guy even said he hadn't had so much fun since he was 16!

I hope this video might inspire others to similar projects in their local woods.

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