8 Nov 2011

Secretary of State rejects inquiry into Bishops Cleeve landfill

View from Ash Lane, Randwick
I reported the shocking planning meeting decision by Glos County Council regarding Bishops Cleeve landfill - see here. Here the campaign group update on the disappointing news regarding calls for a public inquiry;

SWARD are shocked by Sec of State’s speed in rejecting the request for a public inquiry re Grundon Waste Management’s Application  for  20yrs more of bringing waste, including  Toxic Incinerator Residues  from across the UK, to Bishops Cleeve till 2029.
Glos County Council (GCC) granted permission on 22nd Sept.  The decision was made on a casting vote after a highly contentious planning meeting. SWARD (Safety in Waste & Rubbish Disposal), members of the public, elected members & local parish councils all took up the option of requesting the Sec of State to call-in the decision and appoint an independent planning inspector to look at the case at a Public Inquiry.

SWARD spokeswoman Barbara Farmer:  "We were told it would take at least 8 weeks to make a decision on our request. We heard just 24hrs after the deadline to submit requests.  We can’t believe such a major decision, which affects the lives of so many people, made at a meeting run in such an appalling fashion, has been upheld by what seems such a cursory glance by the Sec of State. It’s clear to us commercial interests speak louder than public interests & the govt's promises about the importance of localism are just a sham. We are bitterly disappointed."

SWARD, individual members of the public and councillors have made formal complaints about the way the Sept planning cttee meeting was conducted and these are still being investigated by the legal services team at GCC.

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