3 Jun 2009

Ward name change gets closer

Here's something nothing to do with this election and has had agreement from representatives of all four main parties locally. Sixteen months ago I proposed changing the District Council ward name from 'Over Stroud' to 'Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe' ward - see here plus comments from residents.

Cartoon: one from Russ that made me smile

The proposal was supported locally by the three main local Parish Councils as the change will make the ward much more readily identifiable to residents and others. I mean who has ever heard of 'Over Stroud'? And who knows where it is?

Anyhow for various reasons despite a large number of emails and phone calls and indeed three conversations in person, the process got stalled and lost deep in Ebley Mill. Apologies have been forthcoming and it now looks like all is coming together - although all three Parish Councils have been asked to confirm their views in favour of the name change.

There will not be any costs involved in the change other than Officer time to submit the change to the Council. If you have objections please make these known to Peter Cox at Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill by 18th June 09 (His email is: peter.cox (at) stroud.gov.uk). I hope now we can move forward with this and at least have the name in place by election time next year! And hopefully that will also stop journalists, other councillors and indeed many residents of this ward asking where 'Over Stroud' is?

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