3 Jun 2009

Greens still growing

I just came across this graph that shows that web interest in the Green Party has now overtaken web interest in all other parties except ukip. Greens are apparently also the most twittered about on Sky - see here.

It was also good to see The Guardian score the Green Party's political broadcast "Think Again, Vote Green" (and see below), as the best to grab attention of floating voters. They scored us 8 out of 10 and write: "The well-crafted Think Again broadcast aims to dispel myths about the Greens – they won't nag; they care about lots of things, not just trees– with the camera flitting around like a butterfly, landing on visual depictions of policy areas. A rubber duck, for example, is shown to illustrate the party's successful campaign against toxic substances in toys. The highlight is the tossing of the blue genetically modified strawberry into the bin. It's a pity that the lingering montage of candidates' photographs didn't join it among the rubbish."

Meanwhile I see that Mark Steel, in his Independent column, writes "the Green Party has attained credibility while retaining its principles, and seems to be the home for many people who opposed the Iraq war, oppose the rule of bankers and private finance, and feel it might be worth looking at doing something about the fact the planet's about to melt. So I'm voting for them tomorrow, and if they implode in a petty row about nothing I'm obviously a jinx and I'm joining the bloody Tories."

He joins other Green supporters including Martin Bell, Craig Murray (Former British Ambassador), Aubrey Mayer, 2008 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, John Stewart, 'Most Influential Environmental Activist in Britain', Sir Jonathon Porritt, Mark Thomas and Joanna Lumley.

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