4 Jun 2009

Vote Green today

The slow or perhaps not so slow death of the Labour party is something to behold. Meanwhile Caroline Lucas beats Liberal Democrat shadow chancellor Vince Cable and Conservative leader David Cameron to pick up the prestigious award for EThical Politician of the year for a second time. Below more voices for the Greens...

Photo: Have M&Ms also come out in favour of Greens? Or are they just getting on the bandwagon?

It was good to see George Monbiot saying yesterday: "Vote Green and show your true colours at the ballot box tomorrow. Only a vote for the Greens will send a clear message to the political class that you want action on the environment...It's plainly not a tactical vote...In fact I'd suggest that a choice in favour of any of the major parties is a wasted vote, not least because their policies on most issues are so similar that you are scarcely making a choice at all. Don't throw it away: speak clearly when you go to the polls tomorrow."

Meanwhile Jonathan Freedland writes in The Guardian: "I think progressives, even those congenitally used to voting Labour, are entitled to register their disgust at the ballot box on Thursday. A vote for the Greens would make a lot of sense: utterly untainted by the expenses slime, they would instantly take their place in a Green bloc in Strasbourg that would have the heft to get things done. Why not exploit the proportional system for European elections and vote your conscience for once?"

And here is Alexei Sayle: "One of the great things about Britain is that, unlike in a lot of Europe, we have never let extremist parties of the right get anything but a tiny toehold in our electoral system. I'll personally be voting Green this time but whoever you support you should use your vote to continue our noble tradition and keep the BNP out."

And Peter Tatchell in The Guardian today: "
What are Labour voters to do? Party loyalty is understandable, but the party they once supported is no more. During 12 years of Labour rule, social inequality has returned with a vengeance, with a widening gap between rich and poor, including more children and pensioners living in poverty. By the end of last year, income inequality under Labour was greater than during the reign of Margaret Thatcher. Isn't it time for Labour voters to revolt? Why keep voting for a party whose government has betrayed its roots and values? There is an alternative. The Green party embraces the social justice agenda that Labour has long abandoned."

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