5 Jun 2009

Big Cat talk

I've just received the following info re a local Big Cat event - and interestingly last week had a phone call from someone local about concern that a carcass of an animal just killed is possibly a victim of a Big Cat....plus last night I heard there have been sightings Monday AM at both Penn Wood (Kings Stanley side) and in Butterrow Lane area - both big black panther type. Wednesday at Cam a school boy claims he watched a black panther drink from a pool in view of the school...

Big Cat BBQ Night - Sat 27 June - An informal evening at Thistledown Farm. Hear about what cats are seen in the area and the signs that they leave. Meet local people who’ve seen big cats. Talks, discussion and walks with big cat researchers (at least three experienced cat researchers will be present). Enjoy the meadows and woods of Thistledown Farm Stay for some or all of the activities…BBQ from 6.15pm (Thistledown is open all day, so come earlier if you want). Big Cat talk & discussion 7.30 – 8.15pm. Walks in Thistledown 8.30 – 9.30pm Learn about what big cats do in their territory. Dusk wildlife watching from 9.30pm. If no cats reveal themselves there are badgers, bats and deer to experience! BBQ £5 (separate meat and veggie). Bring your own drinks. Camp for the night if you want. Please email thistledown.project@gmail.com if you can come, so we know catering numbers.

See more about Big Cats locally on my blog here and poss local sitings here and here.

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