5 Jun 2009

First Glos County Green councillor elected

See results here - Sarah Lunnon elected - having problems with Broadband connection so can't upload more info at moment.

Hopefully more early next week - across Glos we are getting some results in - Gloucester Greens getting 10% average and Cheltenham Greens coming third in many seats.

The photos are of Greens celebrating Sarah Lunnon's victory, Sophie Barton making a speech when she came in second then various counting at the tables.

Lastly Tony Blackburn (yes his real name) being elected with a large Tory vote in this ward - it covers not just Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe but all of Hardwicke, Standish and Eastington.

Gerald Hartley standing for the Greens made an impressive 500 plus votes only just behind Labour - and that without any real work - being a small party we have to focus resources - too many times we've come close to winning in many seats because we spread ourselves too thin - but times are changing the Green vote is on the up with more folk wanting to help canvas and leaflet....we'll see next time.

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