3 Nov 2008

Strange Stroud website and ghosts in Randwick?

On Saturday I covered Random Stroud now here is a blog on Strange Stroud - the SNJ reported that a teacher who grew up in Nailsworth has set up a website of ghostly happenings around the Stroud district and is appealing to residents to tell him about their own experiences with the paranormal. Strange Stroud and District, is a work in progress but can be viewed at: http://strangestroud.parafort.com

Photo: Randwick woods - site of a mystery horse rider?

It has no mentions yet of Randwick, Ruscombe or Whiteshill but is building an online survey of the folklore, legends and strange events associated with the Stroud area - and forms part of ASSAP’s Project Albion, a long-running programme to document the geographic distribution of anomalous phenomena across Britain.

I don't know so much about local ghosts but E.P. Fennemore wrote in 1863 that:

"Randwick has always been a fertile field for ghost-lore, and many are the ghost tales on record. Many houses also in years gone by have been" haunted "-notably, two well known to the writer. There has always been a tradition in Randwick to the effect that an under-ground passage, or covered pathway, exists, leading from Randwick Church to Moor Hall an old Elizabethan Manor House. about a quarter of a mile distant."

See more re Fennemore here. I also found this comment left on the Nailsworth forum: "Myself and a friend were riding in Randwick woods about 20 years ago .We were coming back from Haresfield Beacon along the lower track it was winter and there was a light fog we were coming along the track at a walking pace when we heard a horse galloping it sounded a fair way behind us but gradually the hoofbeats got nearer and nearer our horses got spooked and started rearing my friends horse took off up the bank the hoofbeats came straight past me and carried on eventually fading into the distance. It certainly shook us up."

And another comment on the forum by a local Randwick guy: "Someone later told us the lane at the top of the woods was called robbers road and a highway man had been seen galloping along it.I often wonder if the highway man on his horse was what went past us that morning perhaps he felt like a change of route ."It's not Nailsworth, but there is a ghost in Randwick Woods and there is a photo of it at the Vine Tree Inn, Randwick. I know the guy who took it and he doesn't mess about with photo's."

Other strange goings-on are the Big Cats sited in Randwick and in Whiteshill previously covered on this blog. Have you got any stories to tell about this area?? Trystan Swale, who runs the website, would welcome contributions from anyone living in the Stroud area, email him at: admin (at) parafort.com

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