1 Nov 2008

'Random Stroud' not to be missed exhibition

Loved this exhibition which opened today in The Space in Stroud - included was one item on Whiteshill - see more below - anyway using a random number generator and an Ordnance Survey map of Stroud, 24 sites were chosen.

Photos: excuse quality but here are some snaps from today

24 Stroud artists were then asked to respond to each of the randomly allocated sites, around the equinox, September 2008. The responses go on display as a samhain festival, along with a book, compiling the 24 responses. A reading and a performance will inaugurate the exhibition tomorrow evening. From Sat NOV to Thu NOV 13 - 10.30am-4.00pm. Closed Sunday. See what else is on at The Space here.

My favorite of the exhibition was by Henri Kyriacou - a Stroud photographer who I've mentioned before as I loved her pic of Brian and co at Middle Street Garage - this one made me smile lots - but my reproduction does no justice - you need to see it with the guy and dog on the hill behind with the torch - see more of her work at her website: www.henrikyriacou.com

Walking the Land artists Richard Keating and Keith Patterson were given out of the hat numbers that corresponded to Kites Nest below Whiteshill - a great poem partly reproduced here - again you need to see it with the photos and wire fence - yes wire fence! Other artists exhibiting that have websites included Carolyn White, Fred Chance, John Daniel, Aimee Lax, Jimmy Edmonds, Malcolm Jackson and Lucy Voelker (pic below on wall).

Anyhow apols for this rather shabby blog entry but wanted to recommend this exhibition - there is also a book available - put together by Philip Rush who is in the photo and Fred Chance.

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