1 Nov 2008

Pool cover and greener travel for Stratford Park

One mission I have had is to cut energy use by the District Council and other public facilities - did I really write that?? Pompous and grand....ah well let us say it is an issue I have raised many times and I know I am not alone - indeed Officers have been working on it - one particular point I must have raised a dozen times is a Swimming Pool Cover - they got one at Dursley pool but not here in Stroud.

Photos: Stratford Park - wonderful place!!

The good news is that it was confirmed last week that Parkwood have agreed to install a cover on the indoor pool and it will be installed in March 2009. Stroud District Council will be contributing £6,000 towards the project. Great stuff! We urgently need to take these measures now - indeed I find it hard to understand why it has taken so long!

Another issue re Stratford Park I have raised is re Green Travel opportunities. A couple of new initiatives are planned:

• advertising the No 93 and 46 bus routes at the Centre. They will shortly have a stand with their timetables and a banner advertising their mega-riders. In due course, there will hopefully be a joint promotion between SPLC and Stagecoach, where anyone who provides a mega-rider ticket gets a 50% off swimming price.

• Parkwood are contacting the Stroud District Pedestrian and Cycle Forum to conduct an informal review of the cycle facilities at Stratford Park.

I am also having correspondence with the Cycle Campaign re Stratford Road and the campaign to improve safety on that road - see here - this is especially important as we need to support and encourage folk to go to the Leisure centre and college by means other than the car. At the moment the road is too dangerous: residents have a petition available to sign. Lastly as blog readers will know I am also supporting Chas Townleys move to reopen the footpath/bridleway from Callowell Farm which will also improve access - see more here.

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