13 Feb 2009

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council meet last night

Well it was a full Parish Council meeting with lots to discuss - I got there after a Woodcraft Folk Elfin group meeting learning Salsa - great stuff and we had two new members - spaces still available so do contact if you are interested (see more here)....

Photo: not winner of logo competition (sadly)

So what did we discuss at Parish - well minutes will be out soon on the website so this is just a taster...

Some of the issues I mentioned included:

- Allotments - there was an update on progress re the Allotment Working Group - see background here - a meeting is now planned with a local landowner re possibility of using a corner of land locally - exciting stuff.

- Ward name change - SDC lost the original letters sent last summer. These were resent and I got no response to three emails. I have now found a way forward and am hopeful we will hear more re how best to proceed on this! See more about name change here.

- '20 is Plenty' - I sometimes despair at the pace things go at - a 20mph voluntary limit was suggested a long while back when we learnt we could not have a mandatory speed limit despite being told we could have - anyhow that is all in many blogs long ago - things are now moving again - still issues to addres - is the data collected already sufficient? Or do we need to book radar again? Both Randwick and this Parish have in my view carried out sufficient consultation - the Warbler, Randwick Runner and my newsletter in the past plus this blog and many Parish meetings and minutes have all publicised 20 is Plenty - there was even a couple of Coffee Morning consultations in Whiteshill Village Hall. The next step is to get quotes and agree designs for Signs, Stickers and leaflets - then we need to agree location of signs - Whiteshill and Ruscombe have a meeting, where at 10am on Sat 28th, some Parish councillors and I, will walk around Parish to agree locations and numbers of signs. Hopefully Randwick will also have something similar - then we need Highways agreement....

- Gullies - see more here - a local landowner and resident have made noises re a number of key drains - a site meeting is planned soon.

- Grit bins - I have requested the one in Humphreys End to be dug deeper as it has fallen over (or been pushed over) on 4 occasions in the last year. See here my letter to press that was in the Citizen this week. Highways have agreed to come out re the missing bins in Far Westrip.

Other stuff

Plenty of other stuff also got discussed - the Parish logo competition was judged - two winners identified (entries had to be from inside the Parish) - hopefully be able to show them on this blog soon - one of them was Keith Bates, a member of the Village Hall Committee and also a Ruscombe Brook Action Group member - the basketball hoop was also considered - a grant is being applied fort and quotes obtained (see more here) - approval was also given to repair the iron railings in Ruscombe. What else - I've run out of time - must go and eat.....

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