14 Feb 2009

Footpath opposite Randwick Scout Hut

A long, long time ago I met with Parish and Highways regarding the footpath that comes out opposite the Randwick Scout Hut (next to Cashes Green School) on Cashes Green Road - it is not quite in my ward but several folk have spoken to me about it - See original blog here. I wanted steps or a safer path down as it is the most direct route.

Photos: earlier in the week showing gap in fence and muddy slope - used less now it is so v muddy!!

Well as many have noticed a while back a new fence went up but not as high and a gap has still been left. As noted before I think it is more dangerous fenced, as children and adults are climbing over then coming down the slope faster - indeed I have witnessed many people taking that route - it is wet muddy grass that is slippery and could lead to someone slipping into the road.

To put in steps or a path at that site would not be possible according to Highways - this is nonsense but yes it would be v expensive. I still think there still could be more of a slope at an angle cut into the bank but then the Council becomes liable for all sorts so it is safer to leave it as it is....Randwick Parish Council are now exploring costs of putting a barrier at the bottom of the slope to prevent folk falling into the road - however my personal preference would be for a planting scheme that prevented people from coming directly down the slope and into the road. Planting would also be more attractive - another of those metal fences would be ugly.

Sadly although I spoke up at the last Parish meeting (I am not a member but as District councillor can speak at the beginning) the vote went in favour of the barrier - I am hoping it will be too expensive and they will then look at a planting option!!

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