17 Jan 2009

Basketball hoop site meeting

This morning I had a meeting with Parish Councillor Rebecca Charley and a local basketball playing resident on the Playing Field. We were there to finalise the siting of the basketball hoop - the Parish Council had already chosen some possible sites - now it was ensuring those were suitable with the planned users of the hoop - this has been going on for some time - see here - but hopefully now things can move ahead.

Photos: on site this morning roughly where the basketball area would be - below also a view as I walked over top the site from Bread Street

The proposal is to remove the 'netball pig' which is never used (see photograph) - and then extend and resurface part of the existing boules area to make a hard service - then the basketball hoop would be sited there.

All exciting stuff - funding will still be needed for the surface but it is looking good. We also talked about an opening event - a basketball and boule competition....all good stuff and all part of the on-going improvements to the Playing Field area.

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