16 Jan 2009

Spaces available at local Woodcraft Folk group

Last week we had an Elfin leaders meeting to discuss the drop in children in our local group and then Monday night it was the Stroud District Woodcraft AGM where we got together with all the the other groups across the District to plan 2009, elect Officers etc. I've just sent this off to the Randwick Runner - this version below also has links to previous events:

A while back a Woodcraft Folk group used to meet in Randwick Village Hall, but for various reasons they moved to Uplands. The Willow Elfins (aged 6 to 9) is now one of the Woodcraft group's that meet in Uplands Hall. However due to children moving up to the older group and two families moving away from Stroud we now have vacancies.

Photo; raft making last summer, Chalford

So what is Woodcraft Folk? Well it was established in 1925 and as our website describes we are "a unique progressive educational movement for children and young people designed to develop self-confidence and activity in society, with the aim of building a world based on equality, peace, social justice and co-operation....through its activities, Woodcraft Folk tries to give its members an understanding of important issues such as the environment, world debt and global conflict, with a key focus in recent years being sustainable development."

What do we do?

There are a number of Stroud District Woodcraft Folk groups who meet weekly or fortnightly with varied programmes including games, projects, crafts, singing and educational stuff. In the last year our Willow Elfin group has also helped with a radio show on Stroud FM, joined the Stroud Goodwill Evening Carnival procession, been to the Gloucester climbing centre, made rafts (see photo above) and tried to float them down the Chalford brook (with some success!), had various nature walks, done litter pick-ups, made dens in Standish Woods (see photo below), presented nearly 200 flags at the World Peace Flag ceremony in Stroud on the International Day of Peace and more. We like to be outside as much as possible.

There are also various regular activities through the year where we have come together with other Woodcraft groups like the bonfire night, Conker walk, Levellers Day, Sausage Sizzle on Selsey Common and the hugely popular annual camp full. All great fun indeed.

However we don't have regular leaders who run the group but rather all parents participate and help. The very minimum requirement is for parents to help two sessions a term, but because of our current situation any new children joining would ideally have support from an adult much more often. All adult members are CRB checked. We meet on Thursday evenings and take children from this area including Cashes Green - if you are interested in finding out more then call the official number for Stroud Woodies membership enquiries: 07504 349199 (please only use my number now as this phone was stolen!) or give me a ring. There is more info at: www.woodcraft.org.uk

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Rachel Cotterill said...

Is there a Pied Piper in the area, or are all the children just growing up? Brownies (where I help out) seems to be losing girls into Guides quicker than we are getting new ones.