20 Mar 2013

Today is World Sparrow Day!

Conservationists in India and London have apparently come together to support sparrows in the face of a massive decline in the birds. Today is everyone’s chance to rise to the challenge of saving them. The sparrow was once the UK Capital's most common bird, but it has seen more than two thirds of the species vanishing - and declines across the rest of the country.

Amazingly there are twenty-six distinct species of sparrow - it's the European house sparrow that colonised almost every continent as global trade spread.

This year, for World Sparrow Day, people are being urged to help highlight the plight of the house sparrow. Simple actions that are being suggested to consider include writing to newspapers, creating habitats for sparrows, staging a sparrow picnic celebrating the birds or providing sparrows with nest boxes and feeding stations. Be part of the global movement to support sparrows; help promote the World Sparrow Day - see more at: www.worldsparrowday.org

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