19 Mar 2013

Impress 2013 Printmaking Festival

Well around town you can see some fantastic prints - Woodruffs Cafe had a great collection, but on Friday I managed to see Hughie O'Donoghue and Antonio Romoleroux at the Museum in the Park. Great stuff - it was Comic Relief and Hughies picture left certainly fitted the bill!

Below is the Ecuadorian artist Antonio Romoleroux - he makes his own paper that has such a great quality that these snaps don't begin to capture.

See them both at the Museum in the Park until 31st March - and much more across the County: http://www.gpchq.org.uk/

Hughie O’Donoghue - ‘Painterly Prints’  01/03/2013-31/03/2013  

Antonio Romoleroux – ‘Intaglios’  01/03/2013-31/03/2013  

I will be seeking out more of the exhibitions before they close....

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