21 Mar 2013

Congrats GlosVAIN, Sarah Lunnon and all others who have campaigned against this incinerator

Meeting in afternoon
I only managed to join an hour of the 11 hour debate at Kingsholm - in the last hour this evening all 18 councillors voted unanimously to throw out the plans for the proposed energy-from-waste plant! The story is not over but this is an astonishing achievement - but on the other hand is just common sense - the incinerator never stacked up on environmental, economic, social, health and almost any other grounds.

My ticket
Huge congrats to campaigners at GlosVAIN - and to all others who have played a huge part - particularly Green Party's County councillor Sarah Lunnon, who seconded the motion for refusal - she has doggedly asked questions and challenged reports at the County over 4 years - indeed in my view in many ways has led the questioning - but also huge thanks to Greens like Sue and Gerald Hartley and Chris Harmer - they've done an amazing job.

Over recent weeks, while still holding out hope for refusal at times I could not help feeling this could be a lost battle - but taking heart from previous wins like with the NHS we all have battled on - community power can win through!!

See BBC report here.
Gerald Hartley
John Marjoram


Francis Barton said...

Fantastic news! So pleased.

Bob Irving said...

Can I just give a plug to Mary Newton of FoD and Gloucs Friends of the Earth, who, I think, has been working against this incinerator since it was a bunsen burner! She and Alan Watson, the FoE consultant have penetrated the original case put up by the GCC Waste planners and high-lighted the inconsistency of their tonnage estimates. Glos FoE members have also worked hard fund-raising to support the challenges.

Philip Booth said...

Yes I was involved with Mary a little quite a number of years ago on this issue!