4 Mar 2013

Blog Awards for Ruscombe Green

Well news that Total Politics have not run a 2012 poll is slightly disappointing as it was a great way to find out about other good blogs.....in terms of Ruscombe Green it is probably good news as some of the enthusiasms for writing has gone in recent months.....nevertheless we've continued to report on local events, news and more......around the corner in a wee while I will be announcing news of changes to this blog....so stayed tuned for some significant changes.....in the meantime I leave you with some of the blog awards we've received over the years.....

2011 Up from 10th place to 7th in the Total Politics top Green blog awards and 13th in a new category of green bloggers - see here.

 In the top councillor blogs I am up one place to number 10 - one of three Green bloggers in the top 10.

Meanwhile I am up from 72 to 65 in the countries top left-wing blogs and an amazing 56 in the new category top left-wing bloggers.

Plus up from 192 to 169 in the top UK political bloggers - and 264th in a new category of political bloggers.

2010 Total Politics poll. Ruscombe Green was voted 11th in national poll of Councillors blogs, 10th in the Green Blog poll, 72nd left-wing blogs, 88th on top Left of Centre blogs and 192nd in Top UK Political blogs. The lesser known Ice Rocket had me listed as number one Green blog! In the Wikio charts I have gone up and down around the 10th position in Top Environment blogs.

2009 The Total Politics takes over from the Green Bloggers awards. In their poll of readers Ruscombe Green was voted 9th in Top Green Blogs, 88th in Left of Centre Blogs and 257th in UK Politics!

2008 Jim Jay held the third Green Bloggers awards. Ruscombe Green was 5th in Top Green Blogger lists and 16th in Green bloggers by Iain Dale for Total Politics.

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