5 Mar 2013

Big Cats talk

I just got this email - and as I've had a fair few emails on this topic about Big Cats locally I thought I'd post on this blog......

Photo (courtesy of Rick Minter): Dr Andrew Hemmings (right) explains 'tooth pit analysis' to BBC South. This work takes casts of tooth marks left by predators on the bones of their prey and can distinguish the predator by the scale, shape and spacing of the different teeth impressions. The work is analysing skeletal remains of sheep and deer from several locations across southern England including Gloucestershire, and may help provide more primary evidence of big cats. 

An informal meet up of people interested in big cat evidence in and around Glos. This is an informal event and anyone interested is welcome for all or part of the evening. A room has been been booked at the Amberley Inn.

The Amberley Inn, Amberley, Culver Hill, GL5 5AF. Gather from 7pm for 8pm start. Those present will include Rick Minter, Frank Tunbridge, Jonathon McGowan (visiting from Dorset), members of Big Cats in Glos Facebook Group. Topics to cover will include:

- Sightings reports - update on latest reports of possible big cats
- Tooth pit analysis - update from Dr Andrew Hemmings of Royal Agricultural College
- Trail cameras  - issues, ideas and feedback  on use  
- Sightings map - discussion on how the sightings map is produced and maintained
- Methods for gathering other evidence

Call Rick Minter for more info on 07768 748301

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