6 Mar 2013

Books I enjoyed....

This was the beginning of a list of books I've enjoyed, but with the changes coming to Ruscombe Green rather than delete I thought I would post here....

"Wild: An Elemental Journey" and "Pip Pip: A Sideways Look at Time" by Jay Griffiths - both great books. See here my comments.

'Colour: Travels through the Paintbox' by Victoria Finlay - wonderful book that tells the stories of colour.

"Treasure Islands. Tax Havens and the men who stole the world" by Nicholas Shaxson. See talk re book here. For film of talk by John Christensen see here.
"The Spirit Level" by Wilkinson and Pickett. See my letter to press here.
"Local Sustainable Homes: How to Make Them Happen in Your Community" by Chris Bird (Green Books). See book launch here - includes a chapter on Stroud and mentions of the Eco-Renovation Open Homes weekends.
The History of Love"The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss - the wonderful story of a man who, 60 years ago in the Polish village where he was born, fell in love and wrote a book. And though he doesn't know it, that book survived, inspiring fabulous circumstances, even love.

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