10 Feb 2012

Homemade artisan bread in Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe

Fresh artisan bread delivered to the door - this is a fantastic service - a couple of slices are a meal in themselves - quite unlike the supermarket breads.

Yes I know I've mentioned this bread project before (see here) and a similar one (see here) - well it has now launched this week - I had two loaves from the first bake-off delivered to me on Monday morning. Both loaves were delicious - I had an 'Organic Seeded White bread: Organic white and light rye flours with poppy and sesame seeds. Ideal for sandwiches with your favourite fillings, sweet or savoury' and a 'Organic Walnut Rye bread: Organic white and dark rye flours with crushed walnuts.  Delicious naked or with cheese, ham, chutneys, soup, etc.'

Each week, Claire will have 2 varieties of bread for you to choose from, and the varieties will change each week, so that you can experience many!  The loaf sizes will vary slightly depending on the type and ingredients used, but there will always be a choice of "small" (approx 400g) or "large" (approx 750g).  For simplicity the prices will be the same whatever the flavour, i.e Small = £2.00 and Large = £3.00 (plus free delivery!!).

To receive your bread you will need to order type and quantity by the Friday evening beforehand, either by email or text! So email Claire at: chickpeas(at)hotmail.co.uk



Mr Moto said...

£3 for a loaf of bread?

No wonder only middle class can afford to vote Green.

Anonymous said...

Free delivery and a large loaf - cheaper than supermarket equivalent for proper artisan bread but agree this is not for all.

Andy said...

Voting Green is actually the only option less for those of us with little money - Coalition cuts and Labour turning deeper and deeper blue - Greens are the only ones on the left with both ecological justice and social justice at the heart of policies. Maybe Mr Moto should look a bit closer.