12 Mar 2011

Stop Blood Money

The government are trying to sell off our national Blood Service. People give blood to save lives, not to make money for big bosses.

As someone who has given blood on a number of occasions I am appalled to think that folk will be profiting from the gesture. As UNITE say: "By letting big business marketise blood donations, the Tories will shatter the virtuous link between donors and recipients." 

I have added my name to a petition to try and block the plans - please consider adding your name now:

It is true that there are inefficiencies with our National Blood Service, but this is not the way to improve things. What is sadly needed is investment. Commentators do not believe that privatisation can deliver cheaper or better - indeed costs will rise as the new owners seek to recoup their investment ie putting money in the pockets of shareholders straight from the taxpayer. Polls also show that 3 million people would be less likely to give blood. I am one of those. There is no evidence that a private company could further entice people to volunteer.

NHS petition

Meanwhile there is another petition to Save the NHS. As we know the government is rushing through plans which experts, and groups representing doctors and nurses, warn could break the NHS up and hand control to private health companies. It's also a huge waste of money at a time when funding is already squeezed with beds and wards being cut: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/NHS-petition

See my letter to local press at Christmas time here.

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