13 Mar 2011

Tax Havens part 5: Interview with John Christensen

This is part 5 of 6 videos that I've put together after the talk in the Stroud Sub Rooms - see all 6 here. It is an interview with John Christensen that sums up the horrors of Tax Havens - there is an alternative to the cuts.

I also note that George Monbiot had a useful article highlighting why we need to make the 26th March protest not just against the cuts but for Plan B - see his article here. He acknowledges that all the £120bn tax avoided and evaded cannot be reclaimed - but we need a national target to claw back £25bn a year. Staffing levels at HM Revenue and Customs should be raised accordingly rather than cutting them. We need the positive alternatives to cuts. This is territory covered by many Green bloggers - see for example Dr Lawson's piece here.

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