12 Mar 2011

Second Randwick woodfuel session

Today was our second go in the woods with the National Trust - well actually in a pasture clearing some wood to restore the special biodiversity of the site - see here details of last time and a Youtube coming before the end of the month hopefully.

Four hours later after burning brash and dragging logs about I am completely exhausted. However delighted to also have a pile of logs. The idea behind the project is that we give our time to help with conservation work and go away with some of the wood that is chopped down. Sadly wood is repeatedly stolen from the woods - this is a way where all can win.

I tried to start the project a year ago but there have been various delays - however the interest and enthusiasm from participants has made it all worth while. It looks like we will be able to restart the project in September after one more session this year next month. Indeed the interest is so strong that we may well be able to start another similar local project.

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