16 Nov 2010

Chocolate Brownies

OK I have not had a recipe for an age - indeed never do really on this blog but thought I would share two favorite brownie recipes - this is a weakness of mine in every cafe in Stroud but I have to say few get it absolutely right - Sunshine do a great gluten free recipe that is a must...

First up for a recipe is Ruth Clemens from The Great British Bake Off earlier this year and her Black Forest Berry Brownies - see recipe here. See photo of my attempt. I did see some of the series despite not having a telly - loved all the food!

Anyway second comes Cafe Maitreya's recipe for their White Chocolate Brownies - my brother set up the cafe in Easton, Bristol and still owns a share in it - must be the best place to eat in the South West - no kidding - see brownie recipe here.

There is nothing like a good chocolate brownie and espresso to help a guy read the next batch of Council papers, planning applications and emails.......

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