15 Nov 2010

Hedgehog Hospital needs funds for mealworms!

I've just heard from the Hedgehog Hospital - and they say: "All going well here but manically busy. We have 42 autumn juveniles in already and they are munching their way through a lot of meal worms and food. We are buying mealworms by 20kg sac which cost £110 .........!!! We really need to raise some more money."

See their website for details of fund raising events. The website has been updated and there are ways you can help by becoming a member of Help A Hedgehog Hospital - a great Christmas present. They also have their own Help A Hedgehog calendar with the hedgehogs in. It is only £6 and will be at their fundraising events along with cards and goodies. Check out their web site: www.helpahedgehog.org/

Meanwhile I am still the temporary Hedgehog Warden for Randwick Parish - do let me know if anyone is interested in taking on the role? See more here.

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