16 Nov 2010

Curry Day at Convent: 20th Nov

For a number of years the Sisters have made and sold curries and samosas for take away sales to raise funds for little luxuries and outings for the residents of the care home.

Over the years, this has developed into a social occasion complete with teas and cakes, a raffle and, this year, a sale of hand made cards, Christmas decorations and presents. It will be held from 2 pm to 5 pm on Saturday, 20th November at More Hall Convent and Residential Home which is just off the Randwick Road at the turning to Humphrey's End. Don't miss it!

Here is from the publicity: "The main reason for the day is the curries (chicken or vegetable) which are made by the Sisters to recipes that they learnt in the areas of India where they grew up - in the past we have asked them to publish the recipes but they say that they modify them each year depending on the ingredients and spices available - including some that are not easily found locally. Everyone agrees that they are the best in Stroud (and maybe Gloucestershire)! The hand made items on sale have been made by the Sisters, staff of the home and "The Friends of More Hall" and include hand painted cards, Christmas tree decorations and soft toys, each of which is unique. The Curry Day is also an opportunity for people to appreciate the loving atmosphere and the care provided at this residential home - if you would like to explore this further please contact the manager Sister Elsy Poonoly on 764486."

Come early to avoid disappointment as the curries go like hot cakes (and so do the cakes!).

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Philip Booth said...

The staff residents and friends of More Hall Residential Home would like to thank everyone who supported us on Saturday, 20th of November - together we have raised in excess of £3,000 (less expenses) for "extras" for the residents.