11 Oct 2010

Whiteshill 20 mph demo success

Just been to nearly three hours of Treasury Management training at the District Council - great way to spend an evening!!!?? Anyhow earlier....

Many will know we have been collecting signatures for a 20 mph in Whiteshill and Ruscombe. Well this evening the Parish Council presented the 355 signatures plus outside the Village School to Cllr Stan Waddington, the Cabinet member responsible for Highways and we had a chance to explain in more detail how the road divides the community.

Photos taken this evening - the press will hopefully have some group shots - first up Parish Chair with Stan then below some residents getting ready for photo

Others present included Parish Councillors, Tony Blackburn (the county councillor) and Headmaster Robert Kempner. Some of the residents there also chipped in with examples of how they couldn't let their children cross the road to the playground or visit the local shop. I am hopeful we got the message across - the Parish are also clear they will pay for the costs of signs so how can the County turn it down? As I said at the meeting this should be a win win win for all.

I must also note that I hope the plans will include Randwick. I made that point again about the whole area being covered by the one traffic order. This makes sense and at least Stan will take it away and look at the possibilities.

See my 500 words in July to The Citizen on why we need 20 mph plus my report here. See more about the GCC Scrutiny here - this was something we have campaigned to see. They had a meeting today at which Green councillor Sarah Lunnon presented various key issues in support of the 20 mph.

See much more about 20 mph by clicking on label below. Now must get a tea and put feet up - hope this makes sense as it was written with probably too much haste!!

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