3 Jul 2010

20mph petition and the flaming car!

Well the BBC radio and website have reported on the removal of 20 mph signs from Whiteshill and Ruscombe - see here - they've left us two signs near the school and one other they've forgotten to take down - I'm not telling them where!! Well the County Council look set to discuss 20 mph at their meeting on 14th July. I'm looking at a question to the committee, but please sign the petition if you are local:

Go here for petition - closes on 5th July so get signed now!

Already close to 200 further signatures on paper versions. The petitions will still be in the Village Shop a little after that date. See background discussion re 20 mph here about why we need 20mph.

Flaming car - unrelated to 20mph!

Meanwhile some folk in Bread Street were alarmed to be woken in the night - at 1am flames were leaping - all safe and well but a parked car caught fire and rolled down the lane and came to a standstill further down the road narrowly missing another car. The fence has been damaged but fortunately there is an electric fence approx. 4 metres the other side to contain the horses. Quite alot of debris has been left on the road by the car. Police are investigating.

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