12 Oct 2010

Earth Pathways diary: yummy

Now I don't do adverts on this blog - well I do occasionally when something really takes my fancy - and well the 2011 Earth Pathways diary does just that....

The diary has a couple of Stroud folk contributing to the diary including Jaine Rose who writes about food and Stroud plus a lovely bit on activism and how it can be empowering: "Every time I sign an Avaaz petition, or refuse to buy products that have a huge environmental cost, I feel a tingle of defiance that makes me smile....." Actually better still click on the next photo to make it bigger to read more on that...and photo below by Jaine Rose.

The advert for the diary reads: "Earth Pathways Diary inspires our connection to the Land Produced by the Moonshares Cooperative, this full colour diary is a work of art in itself and a love song to life and the Earth. It celebrates the work of artists, photographers, poets and writers from around the UK, with their work placed in the seasonal context of the Wheel of the Year. It also includes UK astrological information, sunrise/sunset times, moonrise/moonset times, moon phases and signs, a focus for each of the eight Celtic festivals, permaculture, environmental awareness, a page a week view, a page a month view and year planner."

See more here - indeed they have sample pages of the diary and how to buy it - although the Stroud Bookshop I'm told already has copies in stock at 23 High Street, Stroud 01453 756646.

A5 paperback - portrait - spiral bound – 144 pages Printed in the UK with 100% post consumer waste paper ISBN: 978-0-9565059-0-3 Retail price: £12.99

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