12 Oct 2010

Stile success, Moorhall mystery mirror, Cashes Green Primary and dog poo

Stile success!

That reads 'stile' rather than 'style' as I by mistake wrote in an email a while ago....anyhow I'm delighted that we are likely to see a replacement for the stile going from Wheelers walk to the field near Archway - as the photos show the wood has been sawn off - a while back now. Sadly this means those small motorbikes have again got into the fields.

There have also been complaints re the old stile from local dog walkers who could not get their dogs over it. The GCC contractor removed the top rail to lower the height and I guess a local has removed the other.

Well I have been seeking funding for a replacement and have written to local Parish and Town Councils - and raised the issue with the county - it now looks like the County will supply a kissing gate and Stroud Town Council will have it installed.

Moor Hall Mystery Mirror

There will now be an additional sign either side of the bend, highlighting the presence of pedestrians. I hope this is useful and not a distraction. The County have also reaffirmed this week to the Parish Council their position with regard to the replacement of the mirror - ie that they won't permit a replacement at this location and will not be seeking approval from the DfT for it. I did not expect anything other than that as we had been told earlier in the year by Highways there was no way it would happen - see blog here. However driving this last week down the road there is the mirror??!!! I have written to seek clarification!

Cashes Green School

This has been a problem area and the Parish have been trying to find solutions - Following the recent site meeting with representatives from Randwick Parish Council there is now a draft proposal for additional waiting restrictions in the area near Cashes Green Primary School. This proposal includes:

1. Extension of existing school keep clear marking on the northbound kerbline (to prevent double parking).
2. Extension of the existing double yellow waiting restriction on the southbound kerbline (to limit the spaces available by one car length)
3. Additional waiting restrictions around the junction of Fox Moor Lane/Cashes Green Road.

I am told the earliest this proposal will be consulted on is 2011 and it will be subject to the level of funds made available for Traffic Regulation Orders. At the current time it is not possible to confirm whether funding will or will not be available.

The existing parking taking place outside the school already significantly reduces the speed of vehicles traveling outside the school - Highways seem to agree - I am glad as I don't agree with those who wish to see that parking removed. Indeed such a measure could speed up traffic. What do others think?

Dog poo?

A while ago I mentioned the Council that sprayed their poo pink to highlight the problem - well yellow plastic bags on this track is another way - see photo. Randwick Council are giving serious consideration to how to raise this issue - it seems there are still many dog owners who don't take the issue seriously. Indeed I heard a terrible story about users of the putting green at Stratford Park getting faeces over themselves on the course - hopefully an issue that now highlighted can be tackled.

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