13 Oct 2010

Vote for faster broadband for Stroud

A Ruscombe resident pointed out the BT campaign for faster broadband which I will come to in a moment - as well as how to vote.

Well in response to the resident I emailed the District Council and am delighted they have issued a press release about it and look set to support the campaign for Stroud.

As noted before on this blog when I have written about local broadband speeds (see here and re Bread Street here), many of us only get 1M or less because the telephone line from the exchange is long and in a poor condition. It is true that uprating the Stroud exchange won’t do us much good because of the poor connections, but I would hope that if the exchange is uprated then there is an incentive to improve the lines from it? It is also true that it is very unlikley that a small place like Stroud can compete against some of the other towns but let's see where we get...

Basically over the next five years BT is rolling out superfast fibre optic broadband across the UK. If you're not on the announced roll out plan 'The Race to Infinity' gives an opportunity for 5 areas to fast track to get BT Infinity next. See more and vote at:www.racetoinfinity.bt.com/the-race-explained

Anyway this is what the district Council sent out:

Slow broadband getting you down? Vote for change!

Residents and local businesses annoyed by the speed of broadband are being encouraged to register their frustration by voting in BT's nationwide competition to give five areas in the UK the chance to fast track to the latest broadband upgrade. Over the next five years BT is rolling out super-fast fibre optic broadband across the UK. Those areas not announced in the launch plan are being given the chance to join the latest wave of the rollout as part of BT's ‘Race to Infinity' scheme.

Race to Infinity gives local people the chance to vote for their area to be upgraded to super quick broadband whilst also offering the opportunity to win £5,000 of computer equipment for a local community project. The five areas with the largest percentage of votes by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring faster broadband to their area.

Councillor Nigel Cooper, Cabinet Member for Finance at Stroud District Council said: “Slow broadband speed is a real handicap to rural businesses and rural quality of life. We have a thriving economy in the district and with many people working from home, or wanting to, we need to keep up with our urban neighbours. For instance anyone relying on broadband service from the Painswick exchange will know exactly what I mean, as they are paying for a minimum of 2Mb speed but in some cases receiving at a speed only marginally faster than a second class letter! I therefore urge all residents and local businesses to vote with their mouse and get the district up to speed with the rest of the UK.”

Vote for change and get the district upgraded to super-fast broadband at: www.racetoinfinity.bt.com/html-version

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