24 Oct 2010

New cafe in Cainscross and 20 mph on Ebley Road?

The new cafe near the roundabout with Tricorn House is an exciting new development.

A while back I blogged about this development and some of the background to it - see here. Well this last week I manage to visit it for the first time - and it is worth a visit - hope to go back for a breakfast.

Photos: inside the cafe with Daniel serving plus an old shot of the inn as it used to be

They have their own website here - and 'ethical' coffee and chocolate cake was good!! It is also a wonderfully spacious area - and much lighter inside than I had imagined. There are plans for conference facilities and more. If only Tricorn House could be sorted then this area would really be taking off - certainly when that gets going either as a nursing home or Ecotricity's HQ then that will bring in a sustainable customer base.

While I was there I also had the chance to talk about the book Tamathiel which is a sort of Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter?? Well that is me guessing a little - five school children who, after a series of strange events at school, are swept away into a fantasy world of elves, dwarves, eagles and dark forces. It is written by Daniel who works at the cafe - now 18 but he wrote it when he was 14 and has nearly completed two more in the series. There are parts of the book on some of the tables and I did read a couple of pages - great fun.

But hey I'm getting off topic here I wanted to mention that I had had a meeting and correspondence with a couple of residents in Ebley Road who would like to see traffic calming. I do agree traffic moves too fast along that road - a 20 mph would be great and possible on-street parking to slow traffic - and encourage it onto the bypass? This road looks set to get worse with Foxes Field and the 100 houses there plus Tricorn House whatever happens there....

The residents have already discussed with Cainscross Parish Council and have support for tackling speeds - while they have had lots of positive feedback about their thoughts they are now considering a petition to see what level of support the measures will have amongst other residents - and to use with Highways to tackle the issue. Although with cuts, cuts, cuts we will have to be creative - hence having the whole area with a 20 mph would cut the need for many Traffic Orders......hopefully we will hear more on this soon...

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