25 Oct 2010

Big Cat sited at Callowell

Melanistic Golden Cat Black Panther (Leopard)
As the comment today below says - I did mean sighted! Ah I shouldn't write these blogs so late at night....anyway this is what I wrote...

The local newspapers have carried the story about nursing assistant Emily Shiers who came face-to-face with a 'big cat' as she walked with her 2 year old nephew near Callowell School. Emily said the cat was five or six times as large as her own cat . She says the cat was calm and non-threatening but she kept a close hold of her nephew, Nathaniel.

Photos taken not in this country!

Gloucestershire big cat researchers and recorders Frank Tunbridge and Rick Minter, who are investigating the siting, say there have been other sitings in Gloucestershire in the last two weeks. In our area a woman driving in Whiteshill a couple of years ago saw two cats cross the road together. Other sigthings are recorded in Standish Woods - and I just had an email from Rick re a siting on Friday to the east of Stroud.

Rick writing to me says Emily's report is plausible and it chimes with other reports in this area over the years. Rick and Frank have also had some tangible evidence recently, verified by other experts. Rick is offering to do a talk locally if folk are interested. Do call him on 07768 748301 if you want to arrange a talk?


Anonymous said...

do you mean 'sighted'?

not for publishing

weggis said...

I thought he meant "cited"?

Philip Booth said...

Thames Valley police confirm big cats breeding, like Glos police do...