14 Sep 2010

Write to Neil to support the Sustainable Livestock Bill

The Sustainable Livestock Bill in Parliament is getting closer to reality. This blog has made several calls to support it - see here and here. The Bill, supported by Friends of the Earth, the green party and more, calls for Government action to tackle the massive climate and wildlife damage caused by current processes used in factory farming of meat and dairy.

Photo: Tesco ad: it doesn't mentioned how many times it gets sprayed!

Please join me in emailing your MP today and urge them to support the Bill. They need at least 100 MPs to be in the House of Commons on 12 November so that this Bill stands a real chance of passing into law. See more here. Neil Carmichael has not yet signed the Early Day Motion despite his farming background - I hope he will consider supporting it.

I also asked if he had read "The Carbon Fields" by Graham Harvey - it is an excellent book - see my comments re the book at the bottom of my blog re peeing in the compost here. Indeed I would like to do another blog on that sometime soon as it is such a key issue! As an aside I was delighted that Gardeners World tackled the topic of peeing a few weeks ago and also gave the advice it was good to pee in the compost!!

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